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Foreigners looking to commence employment in Singapore will need to obtain an employment pass (work visa) from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The type of pass required will generally depend on the type of employment and level of skill of the employee.

Applications are subject to approval by the authorities and a number of factors are taken into consideration. These may range from the employment terms to the hiring company's track record and capital commitment, among others. Our team can advise you on the relevant requirements and assist you with the requisite submission.


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↓  Type of passes
Common types of passes include:

Type of pass Description
Employment Pass For company managers and executives. Minimum monthly salary of $3,300 ($3,600 from 1 Jan 2017) and have relevant qualifications. Hiring company’s track record also relevant.

EntrePass For entrepreneurs starting a business in Singapore. Minimum investment of $50,000 and the company must fall in a specified class (e.g. prescribed funding, IP holder, research collaboration, qualifying incubate). Must apply latest 6 months from date of incorporation. Business plan required.

S Pass For middle-level skilled employees. Minimum monthly salary of $2,200 and have relevant qualification and experience.

Dependant’s Pass Spouses and children of Employment pass, EntrePass and S Pass holders may apply for dependant’s pass to stay in Singapore.

Letter of Consent Dependant’s Pass holders and Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) holders may apply for letter of consent to work in Singapore.

↓  Processing time for application
Processing time depends on the type of employment pass applied for. Generally processing time ranges from 7 working days to about 6 weeks for EntrePass application and more complex cases.

↓  I have incorporated my company
You may wish to apply for an employment pass to commence working in the company in Singapore. If your company was incorporated less than 6 months ago and meets the relevant criteria, the EntrePass may be applicable instead.

↓  I am a dependant pass holder or Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) holder
If you are already in Singapore on a dependant’s pass or LTVP and wish to work in Singapore, you may apply for the letter of consent. Your Singapore employer or appointed agent can submit the application on your behalf.



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